Installation of bridge sleepers on the
Primsbrücke (Primsbridge) in Dillingen an der Saar


In mid-2018, the planning office SBS-Ingenieure recommended to the customer the use of plastic bridge beams as a sustainable
alternative to wooden sleepers. The project entered the next planning phase at the end of 2018. An application for approval for
installation was submitted to the responsible state railway supervisory authority on the basis of the approval for field testing (EBA).

After obtaining the more technical information (e.g. checklist, combing list), the feasibility study was carried out.  Based on the results,
two different cross-sections of the STRAILway bridge beams were selected. These were milled and delivered by us according to the
customer request. The required holes for the ribbed plates and the lateral retaining bracket were drilled by a subcontractor.



In order to facilitate installation, the bridge beams were pre-assembled with the aid of mounting rails. This was carried out by Bahnbau GmbH
on an assembly site 200 m from the bridge. Afterwards, each approx. 6 m long track section was laid piece by piece with a 2-way excavator.
In the event of height deviations, spacer plates were used under the ribbed plates to compensate. This ensured a speedy construction progress.



The complete preparatory work and assembly went smoothly and the customer is very satisfied with the result. In addition to the positive
environmental aspects that our STRAILway bridge beams have, what is particularly convincing is their significantly longer service life in
comparison to wooden sleepers.


Could we spark your interest? Then request the detailed project report from us.

STRAILway Primsbrücke2

Lifting of the pre-assembled track section

STRAILway Primsbruecke

Lifting of the pre-assembled track section

STRAILway Primsbruecke4
STRAILway Primsbrücke