Level Crossing systems

Under the motto “street meets rail”, STRAIL level crossing systems connect the two transport routes, quickly, safely and reliably.
The combination of street and rail also gave rise to the brand name STRAIL, which is well known in the professional world.

As diverse as the requirements are, our systems are correspondingly diverse. From footpaths to heavy goods vehicles, there is the right
solution for every level crossing.

Combine all systems as required with the patented and integrated locking system.

For high loads


STRAIL – the premium system

STRAIL is a heavy-duty and durable level crossing system that is suitable
for main roads. The modular system consists of single solid rubber panels,
which are connected to each other by our lock tight system.

  • suitable for every rail and sleeper type
  • system solution consisting of inner panels and outer panels in
    various designs
  • patented high-tech rubber surface with vulcanized corundum
    ensures excellent slip resistance
  • long service life
  • quick and easy installation and removal


pontiSTRAIL – The adaptive system.

pontiSTRAIL is the outer panel system that adapts flexibly to the individual track position and is therefore particularly suitable for level crossings that are subject to frequent maintenance cycles.
pontiSTRAIL consists of two materials > rubber and aluminium and
thus combines a number of advantages.

  • tolerates horizontal track position changes
  • low load input into the superstructure
  • patented high-tech rubber surface with vulcanized corundum
    ensures excellent slip resistance
  • replacement of STRAIL standard outer panels by pontiSTRAIL
    possible without any problems


veloSTRAIL – The safe system.

Worldwide unique system that permanently eliminates the flange groove
for train speeds of up to 120 km/h. The result is a barrier-free crossing
of the level crossing. Flangeway elements can be easily replaced at the
end of their service lives without removing the inner panel.

  • consists of inner panel and replaceable flangeway element
  • already installed in 18 countries
  • only system for train speeds of up to max. 120 km/h
  • patented high-tech rubber surface with vulcanized corundum
    ensures excellent slip resistance
  • no need to keep the flange groove clear of snow and ice

For low loads


innoSTRAIL – the economic system

We recommend innoSTRAIL for crossings with medium to high loads
(> depending on the track superstructure).
The system, which is independent of the sleeper spacing, does not require any filler blocks and is therefore a particularly economical system.

  • independent of sleeper spacing
  • system solution consisting of inner and outer panel
  • patented high-tech rubber surface with vulcanized corundum
    ensures excellent slip resistance
  • perfect system for starting points for maintenance and rescue vehicles


pedeSTRAIL – the safe crossing for pedestrians

This cost-effective system, especially developed for pedestrians and cyclists,
ensures a safe and comfortable crossing of the level crossing, especially at stops
and railway stations. Can also be used for escape routes in tunnels and metros.

  • independent of sleeper spacing
  • system solution consisting of inner and outer panel
  • low panel weight > quick, easy & handy installation
  • special non-slip pedeSTRAIL surface
  • integrated, narrow flange groove for even more safety
  • long service life

Even more safety on the (pedestrian) crossing is achieved by lighting >
more information can be found under pedeSOLAR.



Additional Products


STRAIL Broad Kerbstone > shorter installation time

STRAIL B-Kerbstone is a very quick and easy to install broad concrete kerbstone, which does not require any precast foundation elements,
no excavation of gravel at the sleeper head, no intervention in the substructure and no levelling layer. The kerbstones are set directly on compacted ballast.

  • no precast foundation parts required > faster installation times
    (saves one layer)
  • better load transfer over the large bearing surface of the kerbstones
  • no “slow speed” in the opposite track during assembly
  • vertical and horizontal corrections possible


STRAIL Drainage Kerbstone > support of the outer panels and drainage of the surface water.

The D-Kerbstone is identical in construction to our T-Kerbstone and also features an integrated drainage system. The surface water of the road is
kept away from the STRAIL level crossing and can seep into the ground.

  • suitable for heavy goods traffic
  • for all standard STRAIL outer panels as well as pontiSTRAIL 713
  • fast installation in combination with standard STRAIL prefabricated foundations


pedeSolar – solar-powered LED lights.

LED lighting elements arranged in rows as self-luminous markings
make pedestrian crossings even safer. These light sources do not require
a power connection because they are battery-powered, sunlight-fed,
autonomous and maintenance-free LED units with a long service life.

  • Performance when fully charged:
    up to 240 hours without additional sunlight
  • Maximum visibility: approx. 900 m
    (depending on the course of the road)
  • Charging time approx. three hours
  • For a temperature range from -20 °C to 85 °C


STRAILgrid – prevents access to the tracks.

One universal panel for every installation situation.
STRAILgrid prevents passers-by and animals from entering the track area.

  • irregular pyramid surface > peaks which are offset in rows
  • easy and quick installation and removal
  • no use of machines necessary


profilSTRAIL – profiles for maintenance halls

profilSTRAIL is used in and in front of maintenance halls and operating routes. It allows a pleasant and safe crossing for delivery traffic and forklift trucks.

  • fast installation and removal > the working process is not disturbed
  • eliminates tripping hazards and open gaps in the area of crossings
  • allows access to the rail fastening at any time


STRAILedge – barrier-free platform edge

The protruding edge of the platform made of profiled rubber allows for
barrier-free boarding and alighting of passengers. The elasticity of the rubber
also protects the vehicle and possible sliding steps.

  • adjustable to your individual requirements
  • bus operation at tram stops possible
  • quick and easy installation


Road Marking

The 2-component system, consisting of primer and abrasion-resistant paint,
is simply applied to the STRAIL level crossing by hand roller or handy spray can.
In addition, glass beads can be sprinkled into the freshly applied paint for good night visibility.

  • durable, even in heavy traffic
  • weatherproof and flexible
  • simple repair



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