The safe level crossing – veloSTRAIL


Essential for train traffic but a source of danger for small wheels – the flange groove.

Invented in 2007, veloSTRAIL was the first system that closed the flange groove.
Since then we improved the system constantly and proved to be the most reliable and leading product in the market. veloSTRAIL – The safe crossing that eliminates the source of danger, literally!”

The interchangeable flangeway element closes the flange groove, preventing smaller and lighter wheels from getting caught in it.
This increases safety for bicycles, baby carriages or wheelchairs.

This makes crossing the level crossing safe and barrier-free.

simply | SAFE – the bicycle friendly system

In the city centre, rail and roads often run in the same direction,
in some cases, tracks are used equally by trains and civil traffic.
The required width of flange grooves is up to 60 mm. An average tyre of a city bike or e-bike has 47 mm.

The danger is that the tyre gets caught in the flange groove and a crash could happen.

veloSTRAIL – the safe level crossing – eliminates this danger and allows you to ride without falling, even in the same direction as the track.

The open flange groove is a risk.

veloSTRAIL – the safe level crossing!

Benefits at a glance

  • For train speeds up to max. 120 km/h
  • Pyramid surface with vulcanised corundum for good grip
  • No need to keep the covered flange groove free of snow and ice
  • Long service life
  • fast change of the flangeway element, replace only the element not the panel
  • fibre-reinforced to withstand increasing traffic loads
  • popular areas of application: inner-city, e.g. in front of schools, day-care centres, shopping centres
    and in front of critical crossing angles
  • suitable from heavy to light loads, veloSTRAIL inner panels can be combined with all outer panel systems of the STRAIL family

How does veloSTRAIL work?

The inner panels are installed as usual, easy and fast.

The difference – the interchangeable element is installed between the rail and the panel.
A permanent connection is made without gluing or screwing thanks to the dovetail connection.

When the train passes, the wheel flange pushes the rubber downwards,
afterwards it returns to its original position, all by itself.

The interchangeable elements can be easily replaced and recycled at the end of their service life (depending on the train load)
without having to remove the inner panel or changing the whole crossing.

installation Wechselteil
installation Wechselteil
installation Wechselteil

How veloSTRAIL works

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