Installation of veloSTRAIL and pontiSTRAIL in Orbe VD, Switzerland


  • Location: Orbe VD, Switzerland
  • Line: Route Cantonale
  • Client: SERSA Group Western Switzerland
  • Products: veloSTRAIL, pontiSTRAIL 713
  • Length/Quantity: 50,40 Meter
  • Conditions: Rail SBB IV, sleeper B06 FS, radius 230m
  • Installation: July 2020



  • pontiSTRAIL outer panel in combination with veloSTRAIL inner panel > suitable for high loads
  • veloSTRAIL eliminates the flange groove for barrier-free and cyclist-friendly crossing of the level crossing.



The level crossing in Orbe VD in Switzerland had to be renewed as a result of a serious bicycle accident.

The operator was looking for a system that would allow a fall-free crossing. Small wheels can get caught in the flange groove, which can lead to accidents. veloSTRAIL closes the flange groove and eliminates the risk. Rail traffic is not affected by this.

That is why the decision was made to use veloSTRAIL. veloSTRAIL – an  inner panel only system – was combined in this case with pontiSTRAIL outer panels – the system for high loads.


veloSTRAIL | simply safe

Figure 1 – Old level crossing with flange groove

Figure 2 – Finished level crossing

Figure 3 – Finished level crossing with closed flange groove