innoSTRAIL for tramway – Milan, Italy


Location: Milan, Viale Monza 228
Client: ATM Spa – Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (tramway authority)
Product: innoSTRAIL
Length/quantity: 2 tracks in curve (R125/115 m) – length 19,8 m/each
Conditions: Grooved rail (62R1) on concrete platform
Date: July 2018



  • Fast installation – 900 mm panels allow for fast installation
  • Quiet – less noise due to damping e ect of rubber
  • Individual – adjustments to (almost) all conditions are possible with our products




The „Viale Monza“ is one of the most important roads to Milan, every day thousands of cars, buses and trucks drive along this road.
This highly frequented street is crossed by a double track tram line, operated by ATM. Despite constant asphalt works, the surface in this area is in poor condition and full of holes, resulting in noise problems for all residents.
Together with acoustic consultants, the Milan City Authority decided to equip the area with the innoSTRAIL system. Our system guarantees a even and durable surface. A unique project for STRAIL – the special conditions of the track (irregular concrete substructure, tracks with different radii, etc.) required us to adapt our planning to meet all conditions.

Special features of the project:

  • Compensation of the gaps – rubber mats were laid along the entire length to cover the gaps (approx. 28 mm)
  • Outer area – long outer panels (713 mm) with kerbstones were laid here
  • Intervia area – short outer panels (440 mm) with steel angles were laid here


As a complete road closure was not possible, the installation work was carried out in individual steps. This made the installation more difficult, but the traffic flow could be guaranteed.
When all work was completed, the result was very good. The noise at the intersection was successfully reduced thanks to our products.

Rubber mats laid on the patform.

Steel angle  xed on the concete substructure.

Level crossing conditions before renovation.

Level crossing conditions a er renovation.