Installation of turnout sleepers at DB Südostbayernbahn


  • Location: Bavaria, Germany
  • Client: DB Südostbayernbahn
  • Products: STRAILway turnout sleepers 260 x 160 mm
  • Length: 337 Meter
  • Conditions: 2 turnout | axle load: 22,5 t | speed: to 40 km/h
  • Installation: October 2020



  • Very good processing using standard woodworking tools.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Life span > 50 years.



Together with DB Südostbayernbahn, two turnouts were equipped with STRAILway polymer sleepers as part of the operational test were installed. The turnouts serve as connection points between the DB network and a Chemical Park.
Due to local conditions, the wooden sleepers at one turnout were in very poor condition. Large trees overhang the track here and promote the rotting of the wood, resulting in a lot of overgrowth. An ideal location for our weather-resistant polymer sleepers.
The turnouts could only be converted manually, sleeper by sleeper, as it was necessary to guarantee access outside the closure period in order to allow unrestricted track access to the industrial estate during operating hours.
The pre-drilling of the holes for the rail fastening of the sleepers was already done in advance in the sleeper factory. The sleepers were installed smoothly within three days per turnout. The track construction team of Deutsche Bahn was impressed by the easy handling of our sleepers.
Without any additional work, the con-version could be carried out in a similar way to wooden sleepers.

Figure 1 – Overgrowth on the old wooden sleepers.

Figure 2 – Removal of the old sleepers.

Figure 3 – Insallation of the STRAILway polymer sleepers.