Installation of turnouts in Salzburg


  • Location:  Salzburg, Austria
  • Client:  Salzburg AG
  • Product:  STRAILway turnout sleepers
  • Length/quantity:  196 linear metres of sleepers
  • Conditions: Type EW 49E1 190 1:9 BA96
  • Date: 16 – 17 November 2019



  • More robust than wood with similar workability.
  • Machining in the turnout factory without special machines possible.
  • Service life > 50 years
  • Reduced maintenance of the turnout.


A Quick overview

Salzburg, directly next to one of the first veloSTRAIL level crossings, there is now a turnout equipped with STRAILway polymer sleepers.

A replacement of the complete turnout was necessary. Due to the long service life and resistance to derailment, the Salzburg Lokalbahn decided to use our sleepers.

The polymer sleepers were prepared and machined according to the customer‘s drawings. Drilling and plating of the base plates was carried out at the Wörth turnout factory.

Both the end customer and the turnout factory were convinced about STRAILway and are very satisfied.

STRAILway, almost processable like wood.

Detail of the turnout

Welding of rails possible without problems.