Installation innoSTRAIL in India


  • Location: Near Mumbai, India
  • Customer: Western Railway
  • Product: innoSTRAIL inner and outer panels
  • Length: 91,8 track meter
  • Period: June 2021



  • Easy and fast installation
  • Manual installation possible
  • Independent of sleeper spacing
  • Sustainable service from quotation to installation
  • Durable crossing for all climatic zones



11 level crossings – almost 100 track metres of panels went from Germany to India in early 2021.

STRAIL was chosen because of its long-lasting quality and good experience.
The old, worn-out surface was disposed of and replaced by a system from STRAIL – the 900 mm innoSTRAIL panels.

This was also the first level crossing to be installed by this construction team.
Due to the travel restrictions at that time, no STRAIL employee could be on site in person.
The installation team only needed the installation instructions and a short digital consultation to install everything.

The installation was carried out without machines, both kerbs and inner panels were installed manually.

competitor level crossing

Bild 1: Old Surface of another manufacturer

final innoSTRAL

Bild 2: New level crossing from KRAIBURG STRAIL

manual installation inner panel

Bild 3: Manual installation of the inner panel.

Installation of the level crossing