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even better safety for pedestrians

pedeSOLAR helps pedestrians and cyclists to orientate themselves in the darkness using LED lighting which is integrated in the pedeSTRAIL level crossing panels.

The LED lights are assembled directly in the plant and delivered to you finished and ready.  

-/ safe in darkness and fog

a universal panel for every installation situation

Trespassing tracks is a risk for people and animals. It causes delays in railway traffic because trains are forced to stop and sometimes even leads to unnecessary accidents.  

The solution is > STRAILgrid – the universal panel with many benefits. Its main function is to prevent people and animals from trespassing the tracks.  

-/ it is that easy to prevent trespassing

profiles for maintenance halls

profileSTRAIL is used in and in front of maintenance halls and service tracks. It lets delivery vehicles and fork lifts cross smoothly and safely.   

profileSTRAIL is made from vulcanised rubber. Its removable, handy elements allow easy access to the rail or the rail fastening at any time. Thanks to fast installation and removal, the working process is not interrupted.
This can already be seen during installation: When the system is installed for the first time, the filling profile serves
also as a formwork.   

-/ Feel free to ask us for customised solutions at any time.

gap-free accessibility

STRAILedge platform edges provide safety for passengers. In combination with vehicles and platforms which have been adjusted accordingly, they offer a gap-free and therefore completely barrier-free access to (low-floor) vehicles.   

The advanced platform edge made from profiled rubber is elastic and is therefore gentle on the vehicle and possible sliding steps. Bus service at train stops is possible.

-/ makes entering and leaving vehicles safe.



drainage and permanent support for STRAIL outer panels

Especially at steep roads much water, but also dirt, flows into the track bed.  The ballast gets moist, silts up and consequently loses its function.
The STRAIL Drainage Kerbstone keeps surface water coming from the road out of the level crossing. A gutter (protected by a grid) leads the water into existing sewers where it can seep away into ground earth.

Installing STRAIL D-Kerbstones is no different to installing standard T-Kerbstones.



shorter installation time

Not only have our level crossing systems changed over the years. Our constructions have been further developed as well and as of now we also supply a Broad Kerbstone which can be installed very fast and easily without foundation.

The installation of large prefabricated foundation parts is not required here so that it is not necessary to dig out ballast deeply at the rail head. The filling structure beneath the sleeper is not destroyed and the substructure remains intact without taking action. In addition, there is no need to mix adhesive mortar (levelling layer) since this design does without prefabricated foundations. The kerbs are set onto the compacted ballast base course and directly onto the double-crushed chip material as a height compensation layer.

Moreover, the rails are not fixed by the prefabricated foundations anymore and can therefore be corrected with relatively little effort.

-/ reduced costs due to shorter blocking periods.



Road marking

The 2-component system consists of a special primer and abrasion-resistant colour and withstands even intense traffic.
The STRAIL road marking is easy to process and to apply.
Comprehensive practice tests have confirmed the excellent laboratory results regarding adhesion and durability.  




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