pontiSTRAIL –
the Inner Panel for Maximum Loads.

As the loads have continued to increase in recent years, the proven technology of the pontiSTRAIL outer panel has been transferred to the new pontiSTRAIL inner panel. The inner panel consists of rubber and aluminium and combines a number of advantages.

The light, corrosion-resistant aluminium support guarantees optimal load distribution on the rail foot and thus relieves sleepers and fastenings. The aluminium supports can be quickly assembled and covered with our rubber plates. This allows quick and easy installation and removal.


The first test installation under real conditions took place on 22 June 2019 in Ebnat-Kappel in Switzerland.

The handling of the individual components was uncomplicated and was quick. Within just one shift, the entire level crossing with a length of
15 metres could be covered. Kerbstones were set and inner and outer panels of the pontiSTRAIL system were installed.


With the pontiSTRAIL inner panel, the family of STRAIL level crossing systems has been supplemented by a further product which,
due to its special properties, represents a unique feature and meets individual customer requirements.

Finished, completely covered level crossing with pontiSTRAIL inner and outer panels.