Introduction of STRAILastic Australia
at the AusRAIL PLUS

New STRAILastic branch office in Australia

At the beginning of December 2019, we exhibited for the first time at the AusRAIL plus under the name of our newly founded company
STRAILastic Australia Pty Ltd“. An excellent opportunity to present the company to a broad professional audience.
A total of 383 exhibitors from the railway industry were present in Sydney from 3 to 5 December.

In contrast to railway trade fairs in Europe, the 4,481 visitors consisted exclusively of experts and decision-makers.
The topic of noise protection is very important in Australia, which was also reflected in the very good response to our products.


Why have your own branch office in Australia? Well, there are several reasons.

By 2030, Australia is set to make the largest investment ever planned in rail transportation. The entire railway infrastructure and as well as the
noise protection systems are to be renewed.
Both our STRAILastic mini sound protection wall, which was awarded the Innovation Prize for Track and Infrastructure,
and our STRAILastic infill panels currently have absolutely unique selling points.

In addition, the Australian railway market requires direct contact between manufacturer and end customer, which is virtually impossible from
Germany due to the time difference. Customers also prefer to purchase the goods directly from the manufacturer and appreciate having a
contact person close by.


We were completely satisfied with our first trade fair and will return to the AusRAIL in Adelaide this year with our own stand.