STRAILway – THE polymer sleepers

Environmental protection can go deeper because danger often lurks under the rails: wooden sleepers are usually impregnated with tar
oil derivatives (creosote). These are problematic for the environment and health. In many cases they have already been prohibited.

With the STRAILway polymer sleeper we offer you the perfect alternative.

The difference to other plastic sleepers: Neither synthetic resins nor steel reinforcements are used.

In addition, “endless” production allows any desired length > advantage for switches.

STRAILway – turnout installed in Hamburg

STRAILway - good pocessability

STRAILway - turnout installed in Milano

THE polymer sleeper.

STRAILway – THE polymer sleeper has passed the DB test for
operational suitability by the Technical University of Munich.

The basic material of STRAILway polymer sleepers is fibre-reinforced
polyolefins. Whether in urban environments, on dams and bridges, under
turnouts or on open stretches, the durable STRAILway polymer sleepers
are being used in more and more places.


The advantages of STRAILway polymer sleepers at a glance:

  • Perfect alternative to wood
    > low disposal costs = 100 % recyclable
    > longer service life (lay-days) = reduced life cycle costs
    > environmentally friendly
  • 50 years service life
  • good processability (e.g. sawing, milling, planing, drilling)
    > processing is not harmful to health
    > processing residues > 100 % recyclable
  • the polymer sleepers can be cut to whatever length the customer requires
  • good CO2 balance due to the use of secondary raw materials Resistant
    to chemicals, UV and ozone
  • available as bridge beams, main track and switch sleepers
  • more than 15,000 running meter of  sleepers have been installed until now (12/2020) > find more information



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