tapSTRAIL in Melbourne, Australia


Location: Melbourne, Australia
Client: Metro Trains Melbourne
Products: tapSTRAIL
Length/Quantity: 4 x 24,3 m
Conditions: AS60kg rail, Low Profile Concrete Broad Gauge Sleeper (1,600 mm)
Period: November 2019



  • independent sleeper spacing > smoothly and fast installation
  • 900 mm panels > high installation capacity
  • suitable for lightly frequented level crossings
  • durable & low-maintenance



The Melbourne Metro was upgraded and connected to existing rail lines.

In the process of these track works an existing level crossing was renewed.
Two-way vehicles use this level crossing to access the rails.

A special feature: the platform covers four tracks with different track centres.

Both inner and outer panels of the tapSTRAIL system were used.
Due to the flexibility of the outer panels, the different heights of the individual tracks could also be compensated for without any problems.

tapSTRAIL enables the maintenance vehicles to easily cross over and track onto the rail.

Finished tapSTRAIL level crossing.

The level crossing covers four tracks.

The level crossing provides an smooth passing.