STRAILway installation tram Budapest



  • Location: Crossing Fiumei – Salgótarjáni in Budapest, Hungary
  • Client: BKV Zrt.
  • Product: STRAILway track sleepers
  • Length/quantity: 355 pieces sleepers
  • Conditions: Grooved rails set in concrete and asphalted
    axle load: 150 kN / speed: max 50 km/h
  • Date: End of 2018 to beginning of 2019



  • Service life > 50 years
  • More robust than wood with similar workability
  • Processing without special machines possible
  • Less maintenance effort



At the end of 2018, work began on the renovation of a major traffic intersection in the centre of Budapest, Fiumei Street – Salgótarjáni Street.

Here the tram lines 24, 28 and 37 cross the highly frequented Fiumei Street.

Until the renewal the three tram lines ran on wooden sleepers set in concrete. This construction method was retained.
During the renewal, the wooden sleepers were simply replaced by durable and robust STRAILway sleepers.

Since the beginning of 2019, all traffic has been crossing the STRAILway polymer sleepers.

Installation of the polymer sleepers.

Half of the superstructure is set in concrete.

Finished Intersection.