STRAILway – Einbau von Weichenschwellen
in Mailand und Cesano Maderno, Italien


  • Location:  Milano (Affori) and Cesano Maderno (MI)
  • Client:  FERROVIENORD (private railway)
  • Product:  STRAILway turnout sleepers (pre-worked)
  • Length/quantity:  2 sets of sleepers for turnout (total 302,4 linear meter)
  • Conditions:  S 60E1 / 170 / 0,12 / left  ||  S 60E1 / 170 / 0,12 / right  ||  axle load 22.5 t / train speed up to 160 km/h
  • Date: February 2019



  • More robust than wood with similar workability.
  • Machining in the turnout factory without special machines possible.
  • Service life > 50 years
  • Reduced maintenance of the turnout.



FERROVIENORD, responsible for the railway infrastructure in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. With 331 km of track (divided into 5 main lines) and 124 stations, it is the most important private railway in Italy. Always open to innovation, this is why FN has decided to test polymer sleepers in various applications such as bridges and switches.

The very close partnership and trust of FN, one of our most important Italian customers for decades, has given STRAIL the opportunity to supply two complete turnouts for renovation. The first turnout was located in the railway station of Cesano Maderno, the second on a main line in Milan (axle load 22.5 t / train speed up to 160 km/h).

The technical department of FN decided, together with STRAIL, to deliver the sleepers completely pre-drilled and pre-assembled. In this way, a very fast progress of work during the renewal could be guaranteed. All these activities were carried out by an Italian turnout factory. The sleepers were processed and assembled according to the construction plan. After everything was finished the turnout was dismantled, packed and delivered to the customer.

After more than a year on site, with daily and frequent train traffic, the feedback from the customer is very good.

Drilling holes on sleepers with CNC machine.

Turnout assembly inside plant.

Turnout with new ballast in Cesano Maderno.