THE polymer sleeper for Vossloh Cogifer France

STRAIL France started the homologation process with Vossloh Cogifer in 2016. Today STRAILway is accepted by one of the most important supplier of turnouts worldwide.

In 2018, STRAIL France received the first order to produce two floors of turnouts, 266ML in total of STRAILway . These both floors of turnouts are installed with the complete switches in the workshop of Vossloh Cogifer. All the sleepers are drilled and milled according to the switches geometry necessary. It’s around 1000 drilling and 200 milling per switches. After this step, the final customer of Vossloh Cogifer inspects the finished complete turnout at the factory building.

STRAILway and complete switches of Vossloh Cogifer were accepted by the final customer METRO DE SANTIAGO in CHILE with success. Our STRAILway embarked for a long journey from EU to cross the Atlantic Ocean to go around Cape Horn and then arriving in Chile.

After some internal test between STRAIL France and Vossloh Cogifer to check the compatibility of STRAILway for installation in concrete substructure, Vossloh Cogifer and STRAILway were selected again by the METRO DE SANTIAGO and provide 12 others completes turnouts. From January 2019, the STRAILway production is very active to produce more than 1.900 linear meter of STRAILway.

Image 1: First installation in Chile

Image 2: STRAILway pre-assembly at Vossloh Cogifer factory building.