STRAILastic is a member of the German Association for Noise Protection on Transport Routes (DVLV).

With immediate effect, we are pleased to be a full member of the DVLV with our product division STRAILastic sound protection systems.

The aim of the DVLV is to adjust the quality standards in the planning and production of noise protection measures to a uniformly high quality level on a nationwide level and thus to achieve an optimum result for clients, service providers and the population to be protected.

In this context, one of the primary tasks of the DVLV is to expertly explain any technical ambiguities in guidelines and to find technically high-quality, unambiguous definitions in joint work with the guideline manufacturers.

The association pools the technical expertise of the planning, manufacture and construction of numerous types of noise barriers. It serves as a moderator and contact for authorities, ministries and public clients.

You can find more information about the DVLV here.