Project Nordhorn –
Installation STRAILastic Mini Sound Protection Wall,
Infill Panels and Rail Web Dampers


After 45 years, the section between Bad Bentheim, Nordhorn and Neuenhaus was reactivated. Not only a challenging project in terms of renovation, but also in terms of sound insulation.

A combination of all sound insulation products from STRAILastic was used in Nordhorn to meet the requirements of a sound expert’s report. One of the reasons for selecting our products was that no planning approval procedure would be necessary.

STRAILastic_A, STRAILastic_IP and STRAILastic_mSW achieve a very good result!



  • Location: Nordhorn
  • Client: Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG, Otto-Hahn-Straße 1, 48529 Nordhorn
  • Products: 950 pieces STRAILastic_A inox 2.0 (rail web dampers)
  • 22 pieces STRAILastic_IP (infill panels)
  • 112 pieces STRAILastic_mSW (mini sound protection wall)
  • Length: approx. 240 m
  • Period: 05/19 – 07/19



At the beginning of July 2019, Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG was able to reopen the section between Bad Bentheim, Nordhorn and Neuenhaus for local public transport. Nordhorn will thus be the last German district town to be reconnected to the rail network 45 years after the line was closed. The four-year planning and preparation period not only meant a lot of work with regard to the restoration and reactivation of the tracks, but also with regard to noise protection for residents and local recreation areas.

For this reason, STRAILastic soundproofing products were used in Nordhorn to protect a new residential area from noise.

As the relevant section of the route crosses a canal bridge, all three STRAILastic products (STRAILastic_A inox 2.0 rail web dampers, STRAILastic_IP infill panels and STRAILastic_mSW mini sound protection wall) could be installed in combination.

The planning, organisation and installation were completely taken over by Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG. The project was completed very quickly and could therefore be finished in only a couple of weeks.



Based on the findings of the first inspection, minor changes were made to the products. The fastening of the STRAILastic_IP infill panels
was adapted to be mounted on the existing railing with horizontal bars. The mini sound protection wall was installed on a superstructure
with a Y-steel sleeper.

The assembly of the STRAILastic products was carried out in 3 steps.

In the first step, the STRAILastic_A inox 2.0 rail web dampers were distributed and installed in the sleeper compartments.
Thanks to the good preparatory work, four fitters were able to install the 240 meters in one shift.

Subsequently, the ballast work and the assembly of the fastening construction of the STRAILastic_mSW mini sound protection wall
were carried out. At the same time the installation of the STRAILastic_IP infill panels could be started.

Finally, the elastomer elements of the mini sound protection wall were installed.

A two-way track excavator was used to facilitate assembly. With the help of the excavator and three fitters,
four elements of both STRAILastic_IP and STRAILastic_mSW could be installed per hour.

The assembly of all products was carried out without any problems, and the line could be opened for rail traffic punctually on 7 July 2019.



Due to the fast execution of the project, the smooth installation and the fact that the products do hardly impair the view, all parties involved,
but above all the Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG as client, are very satisfied.