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The gentle track. > is our motto. You can find our STRAILastic systems below.

Systems for reducing the sound close to the track

Noise makes you sick. Noise is unwanted, unpleasant or harmful sound. Every person evaluates sound sources differently,
especially “railway noise” has a relatively low tolerance threshold.

STRAILastic sound protection systems have been developed to protect you from unwanted railway noise.
Our goal – to combat noise where it is generated, i.e. close to the rail.
We can close our eyes – not our ears.

Our STRAILastic sound protection systems do not require a planning approval procedure and can be individually adapted.
All products have EBA approval. In addition to achieving a high level of noise reduction, they also give residents and
passengers a free view of the landscape.
Easy on the eye – easy on the ear.


STRAILastic_mSW > small but powerful!

STRAILastic_mSW Innovationspreis gb


The mini sound protection wall is mounted as close as no other low
sound protection wall to the place where the noise originates.

  • height only 380 mm above the top edge of the rail (TOR)
  • no planning approval procedure necessary
  • maintenance work possible without dismantling the retaining structure
  • Deutsche Bahn has issued a user declaration
  • EBA approval for field testing
  • combination with STRAILastic_A results in an even higher reduction


STRAILastic_IP > this sound protection wall
is a sight to see

Silence through use of existing structure.
The infill panels can be mounted directly to the railing.

  • already included in the updated Schall 03
  • no planning approval procedure necessary
  • Deutsche Bahn has issued a user declaration
  • EBA approval for field testing
  • available with customized designs, can be used as advertising
    space or for visual integration into the environment

STRAILastic_A inox 2.0

STRAILastic_A inox 2.0 – the rail damper.

Fight sound before it is generated.
STRAILastic_A dampens the vibration using its weight and
thus reduced the sound radiation.

  • extremely narrow design > maintenance work also possible in radius
    using a tamping machine
  • no removal necessary during normal maintenance work on the track
  • control or surveying work is not influenced or obstructed



Green Track Systems & Track Damping Systems


Green track systems – just as unique as your city.

Ecological awareness has grown strongly in recent years.
Green tracks contribute to the reduction of fine dust pollution and to improvement of the microclimate in inner-city areas. STRAILastic_R protects the superstructure from stray current. In addition, noise emissions are considerably minimised.

  • insulates stray current according to DIN EN 50122-2DIN EN 50122-2
  • quick and easy installation possible, can be installed during
    on-going Operation
  • available for all superstructure types
  • by encapsulating the rail, the primary airborne noise is considerably
    reduced compared to an open construction method

Track damping systems / rail insulations –
economic grooved rail damping systems

A maintenance-intensive (and thus costly) joint sealing is not necessary with our chamber filling elements.
STRAILastic_TOR grooved rail damping systems are suitable for sleeper as well as frame track constructions and suitable for all track types.

Our insulation systems are easy and quick to assemble, which shortens the construction time considerably and also helps you to save costs.


STRAILastic System TOR

is used in grooved rails for all types of individual supports and in sleeper track constructions for stray current insulation.

  • special geometry allows independence of sleeper and fastening spacing.
  • modular design for flexible adaptation to different support point designs
    and sleepers
  • vulcanized and durable “rubber joint”

STRAILastic_TOR simplex

STRAILastic_TOR simplex installed with STRAILastic_GRS

STRAILastic_TOR simplex

is a rail damping system for continuously supported frame tracks. It can be adjusted to different requirements with different spring rates.

You want to save even more construction time?

> The STRAILastic_GRS track section base panel makes it possible.

STRAILastic_GRS is used to support track frames and makes it possible to fix the track in position and height and to adjust it.

This allows the load-bearing concrete panel to be concreted under the track and the filling concrete to be placed between the rails without interruption. There is no need to place an undercasting.

The shorter construction time pays off considerably.



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