Installation of STRAILway bridge beams on the
Mariazell Railway in Austria


  • Location: Matzersdorfer Bridge, length 36 m
  • Client: Niederösterreich Bahnen (NÖVOG)
  • Products: 54 units STRAILway bridge sleepers 240X260X2000 mm, 15 units STRAILway bridge sleepers 160X260X2000 mm
  • Gauge: 760 mm with double ribbed plate and protective rail
  • Period: March2021



  • Life span > 50 years
  • Particularly resistant to all environmental influences
  • Can be processed without any special machines
  • Minimal maintenance effort



In the course of new track construction, the wooden bridge beams on the steel bridge in Matzerdorf, which were already showing signs of deterioration, were replaced. Since the client (NÖVOG) was looking for a long-term solution, the decision was made in favour of the durable STRAILway bridge beams.

The reconstruction was carried out competently by the STRABAG construction team. Due to the special steel construction, the sleepers were individually adapted, which involved considerable drilling and cutting work.
The fact that STRAILway sleepers are particularly easy to work with and that no protective clothing is required for processing them, unlike with other products, is worth highlighting. The workers appreciated this tremendously. To allow the protective rail to be extended outside the bridge (double ribbed plate), 15 additional STRAILway sleepers
were laid. Here, too, the durability of the STRAILway polymer sleepers was the deciding factor.

Figure 1
The polymer sleepers can be worked very easily
without the need for special protective clothing.

Figure 2
No matter if it‘s cutting or drilling > Work is made
fun this way!

Figure 3
Insallation of the STRAILway polymer sleepers.