innoSTRAIL with Broad Concrete Kerbstones, Switzerland


  • Location: Sachsel – Giswil, Switzerland
  • Client: Zentralbahn ZB
  • Products: innoSTRAIL inner and outer panels with B-Kerbstones
  • Length/Quantity: 5.40 m
  • Conditions: Rails: SBB I, sleepers: VÖV EM 2
  • Period: 31th March – 1st April 2020



  • Highly cost-effective > due to 900 mm length of the panel
  • B-Kerbstone > quick & easy
    – No prefabricated foundations
    – No need to dig up ballast
    – No interference with the substructure
    – No levelling layer required
  • Quick installation > short blocking periods



In recent years, the available track and road blocking periods have become shorter and shorter.

This means that there is less and less time for installing level crossings. For exactly this reason, it was decided for this project to use the innoSTRAIL system, which works with any sleeper spacing, in combination with the concrete broad kerbstones that do not require a prefabricated foundation.

The installation was carried out by 4 fitters from the track construction company Meier + Jäggi AG.

Just three hours, that was all it took to install the entire 5.40 m level crossing.
During this time, all kerbstones as well as inner and outer panels were laid.

As the B-Kerbstone is laid without concrete, there is no curing time.
This means that the level crossing can be used again immediately after installation.

A quick combination, indeed!

innoSTRAIL + B-Bordstein Einbau, Schweiz

Figure 1 // Installation gravel sand (PSS)
incl. compaction with vibratory plate 500 Kg.

innoSTRAIL + B-Bordstein Einbau, Schweiz

Figure 2 // Broad Concrete Kerbstones after laying.
Time needed: 1 hour (including digging and insertion of gravel).