innoSTRAIL installation for funicular in Stanserhorn, Switzerland



  • Location: CH-6730 Stans – Lucerne
  • Line: 0.0 Stans (454 MASL) – 1.556 km station Kälti (714 MASL)
  • Client: Stanserhorn-Bahn (limited company)
  • Products: innoSTRAIL in a steel frame
  • Length/Quantity: 1 x 3.6 m; 1 x 4.5 m; 1 x 5.4 m, 1 x 7.2 m
  • Conditions: Funicular, inaugurated in 1893, Superstructure: steel sleepers, rail: Phoenix P from 1891
  • Period: Autumn 2019 – summer 2020




  • Adaptable – Our products can be individually adapted to (almost) all conditions.
  • Independent of sleeper spacing.
  • Quiet – minimal noise due to the damping effect of rubber.




About 25 years ago, the funicular in Stans was first equipped with a level crossing that had been custom-built for it by KRAIBURG STRAIL.
When the crossing showed some signs of age, the operator approached KRAIBURG STRAIL again in autumn 2019 to renew the existing
level crossing. In addition, three more level crossings of the same type were delivered and installed.

The special feature: The specially cut innoSTRAIL panels are installed in a custom-built steel frame with cable guide.
The steel frame and innoSTRAIL panels were designed and manufactured by KRAIBURG STRAIL.

The individual steel frames were bolted to the new steel sleepers in the level crossing area. Then the innoSTRAIL panels were inserted piece
by piece and tightly braced. Finally, rubber end pieces were pushed into the steel frame and secured with extra bolts.

In the summer of 2020, the level crossings were completed with only minor remaining work and approved by the client who appreciated
it as a good solution.

The KRAIBURG STRAIL team wishes everyone a safe journey and would like to thank everyone involved for the pleasant cooperation!

Figure 1 // Old STRAIL level crossing,
approx. 25 years old

Figure 2 // Installation of the steel sleepers.

Figure 3 // Installation of the steel frame.

Figure 4 // Finished level crossing.

Figure 5 // Finished level crossing.

Figure 6 // Funicular in action.