KRAIBURG STRAIL supports the youth group of the Tittmoning volunteer Fire Brigade

Junior staff work is essential for voluntary organisations – and this is also the case for the Tittmoning Volunteer Fire Brigade. KRAIBURG STRAIL supports the Fire Brigade Tittmoning with a donation of 1,000 euros for the promotion of young firefighters.

“Our youth group is our future,” says Erwin Hirschpoltner, 1st commander of the Fire Brigade Tittmoning. “Without our young talent, there would eventually be no one left to rush to the rescue in fires or traffic accidents. That’s why we are particularly pleased with the donation from STRAIL for our youth group.” At the moment, the youth group of the Tittmoning fire brigade has 15 members. The junior firefighters are between twelve and 18 years old and meet regularly for exercises with firefighting equipment as well as for fun and exciting events.

As a large company with its headquarters in the town of Tittmoning and as a direct neighbour of the Fire Brigade, STRAIL is very keen to support the Fire Brigade. “In emergencies, we all depend on the help of the Fire Brigade, whether in our private or professional lives. That’s why it’s all the more important that we participate in promoting young talent for this honorary office in Tittmoning,” says Günther Wagner, Managing Director at STRAIL.

Photo: Günther Wagner, Managing Director of STRAIL (centre) presents the donation cheque for 1,000 euros to Erwin Hirschpoltner, 1st Commandant (right) and Thomas Günther, 2nd Commandant (left) of the Fire Brigade Tittmoning.