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Company History

First installation in Recklinghausen


  • First STRAIL Press
  • First STRAIL installation at Recklinghausen, Germany


  • HiRail version for the Americas


  • Dedication of the home-designed STRAIL production plant


  • First use of STRAIL on a bridge (Oxberg Bridge, Sweden)
  • Chemnitz, Germany: Project with 25 m minimum track radius
  • Corundum surface


  • Kawasaki, Japan: Container Seaport
Low ground green track profile


  • pedeSTRAIL named Product of the Year
  • Rail Filler for green tracks– first installation in Berlin, Germany
  • STRAIL Locking System


  • Rail filler for green tracks named product of the year
  • 1st prize of the FkuR awarded to the STRAILprofile
Terminal in Wels, Austria


  • STRAIL domain Chemnitz
  • First installation of multi-chamber filler profiles in Augsburg, Germany
  • STRAIL Testbed
  • First STRAIL Info Letter
  • Installation of STRAIL in Austria, Container Terminal Wels


TGV Paris-Marseille


  • Second STRAIL production plant
  • First track cover on a high speed line (TGV Paris-Marseille)
Elastic rail profiles for green track in Milan


  • Izmir Interurban
  • Green track element and pedeSTRAIL in Milano, Italy
  • First installation of STRAIL railway crossing systems in Serbia


  • STRAIL on the "Train capitale" exhibition on the Paris Champs Elyssees
  • Installation of innoSTRAIL (wide gauge) in Ireland
  • First innoSTRAIL installation in Japan
  • New CNC milling machine
  • Subsidiary STRAIL France established


  • New refrigerated racked storage
  • STRAIL products LGA approved
  • Capacity expansion press 10
  • STRAIL buys tram through ebay
Belgrade Fair Ground in Serbia
Gdansk in Poland
Storebelt tunnel in Danemark
Zammertunnel in Austria


  • STRAIL 2005 (1-tongue/groove, new surface design, better edge protection)
  • New method cold bonding STRAIL (for special panels such as Intervia, Radius, Sidings)
  • First innoSTRAIL railway crossing in Africa
  • Installation of STRAIL on the Belgrade Fair Ground in Serbia
  • Installation of STRAIL in Gdansk in poland
  • Great STRAIL cossing before the Storebelt tunnel in Danmark
  • Installation of a STRAIL/pedeSTRAIL combination in Belgrade
  • Zammer Tunnel - installation of STRAIL as a rerailing point for Road-Rail Vehicles
STRAILastic green track systems in Belgrade
STRAILastic green track systems for the Swiss Glattalbahn line
Danzig, the Polish "STRAIL City"
The highest pedeSTRAIL crossing
The project "Vattenfall"


  • pontiSTRAIL (outer panels system for high loads)
  • veloSTRAIL (inner panel system without flange grooves)
  • STRAILastic systems (green track elements and multi-chamber fillers) in Belgrade, Serbia
  • STRAILastic green track systems for the Swiss Glattalbahn line
  • Danzig is the Polish "STRAIL City"
  • The highest pedeSTRAIL crossing in Switzerland is at 3,089 meters altitude (Matterhorn)
  • STRAIL celebrates 30th anniversary
  • A floating locomotive. The project "Vattenfall"
Longest veloSTRAIL crossing
STRAIL project in Lovosice
STRAILastic_USM in the Viadukt
First STRAIL level crossing in Brazil
First installation STRAILedge


  • Longest (48 m) veloSTRAIL crossing in Salzburg, Austria
  • Project installation of STRAIL in the Terminal of Lovosice
  • Installtion of STRAILastic_USM in the Viadukt Sembranche in Switzerland
  • first STRAIL railway level crossing in Brazil (Rua Pinto de Moura)
  • Platform edge "Marseille", later renamed STRAILedge
  • Developement of a test bench with the companie Bomag

STRAILastic marketing campaign
STRAILastic_R in Berlin
STRAILastic_P in Bremen
STRAILastic_R Glattal project
pedeSINGLE on the Mosel bridge
The world longest veloSTRAIL level crossing on the Kattwyk bridge
First installation in Moscow


  • Relaunch www.strail.com
  • The new universal deflection plate
  • STRAILastic marketing campaign 
  • Installation of STRAIL for rail-road vehicles
  • Installation of STRAILastic_USM, Zillertal Railway
  • Installation of STRAILastic_R in Berlin
  • Installation of the new grooved rail track insulation system STRAILastic_P in Bremen
  • Installation of STRAILastic_S in Serbia and Oslo
  • Installation of STRAILastic_DUO and STRAILastic_S in Glattal project
  • Test installaion of STRAILastic_A, the "Noise Absorber"
  • STRAIL installed for a heavily used level crossing in Montpellier, France
  • New measurement for STRAILastic
  • First installation of pedeSINGLE on the Mosel bridge in Koblenz
  • Installation of a rack rail in Swizerland
  • First installation of veloSTRAIL in Italy
  • Installation of the 1,200 mm veloSTRAIL panel in Hamburg on the Kattwyk bridge
  • First installation in Moscow
The new 1.200 mm plate
First installation of veloSTRAIL in New Zealand
Test installation in connection with a grooved rail
3-rail track in Swizerland
First installation of pontiSTRAIL in Belgium


  • Market launch of the 1.200 mm plate of STRAIL and veloSTRAIL
  • First installation of veloSTRAIL at AUDI Györ in Hungary
  • First installation of veloSTRAIL in New Zealand
  • veloSTRAIL test installation in connection with a grooved rail in Geneva, Swizerland
  • First installation by a 3-rail track in Swizerland
  • First installation of pontiSTRAIL in Mechelen (Belgium)
  • First installation of STRAIL in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • First installation of pontiSTRAIL in Italy
First installation of STRAILastic_A in Köppern
STRAIL road marking
Road marking spraycan
Or products for the new DIN standard 45673


  • EBA (Eisenbahn Bundesamt) approval for STRAILastic_A
  • First installation of STRAILastic_A in Köppern, Swizerland
  • Market launch of STRAIL road marking and road marking spraycan
  • New DIN Norm 45673, STRAILastic covers all areas with STRAILastic_P, _S, _L
  • EBA approvals for the 1,200 mm STRAIL inner panels
First installation of a Dual Gauge Track
Visit of the Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Ramsauer
Platform Edge in Florence
STRAILastic_KFV and pump
Nishiyama Corporation in Japan
First installation in Kazakhstan


  • First installation of a Dual Gauge Track in Lithuania
  • Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Ramsauer visits STRAIL
  • Platform Edge in Florence in Italy
  • Integrating the 1.200 mm STRAIL inner panel
  • STRAILastic_KFV + pump
  • Nishiyama Corporation in Japan is our new sales partner
  • First installation in Kazakhstan
  • Founding of the representative office in Russia


STRAILastic_A synth
STRAILastic_A inox
STRAILastic_S simplex
STRAILastic_S duplex
InnoTrans in Berlin
  • 2 versions of STRAILastic_A
    > synth = metal-free system
    >  inox = with stainless steel clamps

  • 2 versions of STRAILastic_S
    > simplex = optimised, one-piece rail base profile made of high-quality virgin rubber
    > duplex = current two-piece rail base profile with elastic insert

  • STRAILastic_W > total decoupling of the rail by “WING” Technology

  • InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin


Ersteinbau in Vietnam
  • From an expert for level crossings to a Deutsche Bahn partner > STRAIL founds a new company:

  • First installation in Vietnam in Ho-Chi-Minh City (formerly Saigon) >
    115 m of a STRAIL level crossing have been installed

  • New sales structure > the company Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in Bangkok is responsible for sales in Asia/Pacific.


STRAILway Kunststoffschwelle
Starke ideen - inovative Produkte
Ersteinbau in Marokko
innoSTRAIL hält stand - großes Lob von der SNCF
STRAILastic_IP > Pilotprojekt mit der DB
  • New product line > STRAILway plastic sleeper made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • STRAIL at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin > powerful ideas – innovative products

  • First STRAIL level crossing in Morocco (pedeSTRAIL)

  • SNCF (French National Railways) praises German quality > innoSTRAIL even withstood train derailment

  • New developments: STRAILway plastic sleeper, STRAILastic_IP, pedeSOLAR, STRAILgrid, STRAILthermo

  • STRAILastic_IP (noise protection walls) > pilot project in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG. 


Testeinbau in Pritzerbe
Einbau in Oberwesel
Ersteinbau in Schwarzafrika
  • STRAILway trial installation in Pritzerbe (bridge) and Hamburg-Barmbek (turnout)

  • STRAILastic_IP installation in Oberwesel (Rhine Valley)

  • First installation Sub-Saharan Africa

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