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the established and economically effective rail bedding systems with defined spring deflection.

STRAILastic_S simplex & duplex is the systematic further development of our chamber filler elements, evolving them into a complete permanently elastic rail bedding system for grooved rails. All components have been coordinated.

STRAILastic_S simplex & duplex follows our philosophy that a rail bedding system has to be designed in a way that the customer is able to install it without having special knowledge and equipment.

Installation costs are essential and a decisive purchase criterion. That is why during the development of all of our STRAILastic systems we attached great care to the fact that they are easy and quick to install.

STRAILastic_S simplex & duplex have various complementary components which vary according to construction. All have been tested and have been matched and coordinated with the system.

A special mention deserves our variable track fastening system with an adjustable retainer clip and our STRAILastic_GRS track section base plate for new construction.

On demand we can supply the following components to complement the STRAILastic_S simplex & duplex system.

  • tie bar cover
  • joint sealant mass
  • special mortar for underpouring
  • fastening elements (dowel, anchor rod, insulated and adjustable clip retainer)
  • track section base plate STRAILastic_GRS

STRAILastic_S is our export hit: a system that is efficient, economical and internationally proven!