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At the tracks



WORLD NOVELTY > "mini sound protection wall“

reduces sound directly at the source since that is the most effective way of deadening sound emissions. That is we go as close to the tracks and the minimum clearance outline as possible with our new product.

The mini sound protection wall can be installed at one or at both sides of the track (which means it can be installed at any section of the track). The 1,800 mm wide sound protection elements are fastened at the sleeper and therefore guarantee a secure and permanent hold.  The special acoustics surface is always directed towards the sound event to absorb sound in the most optimal way.  

Since it is mounted directly to the track there is no need for a plan-approval procedure.  

Passengers and residents are equally delighted – the view from their windows remains unspoilt. 

The noise absorber

Our STRAILastic_A synth & inox 2.0 absorbers are rail web dampers which reduce sound emissions.  

Rails are caused to vibrate due to their discontinuous support and the imbalance of the shifting wheel. Due to their weight, the absorbers damp the vibrations and therefore reduce the sound emission relating thereto. On the basis of their large masses, the absorbers work as mass dampers.  The elastic material increases the overall damping effect. Thus, noise emissions are minimised in two ways.

Two versions >

STRAILastic_A synth
Our tried and tested metal-free system made from a vulcanised virgin rubber compound with a plastic clamp:

STRAILastic_A inox 2.0
Depending on the installation situation our new version called "inox" with a steel insert can be used. This system comprises an extremely durable fastening with clamps made of stainless steel:

Different versions of these two product types are available for all common track structures and superstructure types.  

You ideally use STRAILastic_A synth & inox 2.0 to reduce noise at tracks which run through residential areas, through other sensitive inner-city areas or on steel bridges.




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