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Plastic sleepers

-/ STRAILway – a plastic sleeper made entirely of recyclates

Traditionally, railway and underground trains as well as tramway and light rail vehicles run on tracks with sleepers made of wood, steel or concrete.

Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. The durability of these different sleeper types varies but is always limited.
Wooden sleepers are normally soaked in tar oil derivatives (creosote) which harms health and nature. That is because they release up to two litres of the ecologically harmful creosote during their service lives and also because of their disposal. In many cases they have already been prohibited.

Now there is finally an adequate alternative: our STRAILway plastic sleepers made from extruded, fibre-reinforced plastic recyclate. Special additives provide excellent mechanical properties.  

The difference to other plastic sleepers: Neither synthetic resins nor elaborate pultrusion methods or specially produced parts such as steel reinforcements are used. 

-/ STRAILway - THE plastic sleeper.


*Not available in every country


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